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Respectful and Responsible Renewable Power Development

Conifer Power is focused on greenfield renewable energy development in North American markets. We also provide development and transactional services for strategic investors acquiring power generation assets.


With deep roots in the industry and an evergreen approach to power marketing, our leadership has decades of relevant industry experience and a proven track record of originating, developing, financing, and constructing renewable energy projects throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.




With a legacy and foundation in wind energy, Conifer is actively developing new wind energy projects throughout the Midwest.  We have decades of experience in the development, power marketing, and financing of wind energy projects across North America.


We strive to deliver an open and transparent experience in the communities where we develop projects.  We’ve demonstrated time and again a willingness to work with farmers to address concerns specific to their particular area and local farming methods.  We’ve adopted an inclusive approach to aggregating land for wind sites, offering opportunities to participate to landowners within the project footprint, regardless of infrastructure on their property.  Conifer seeks to minimize the impacts of the wind turbines on the people living in and around them with conservative setbacks, sound management and stringent shadow flicker strategies.



Conifer can offer customized solutions to serve communities, industry and local power providers (utilities, municipalities and cooperatives) with a comprehensive strategy that includes distributed solar (3-15MW) and utility-scale solar (15-300MW). The Conifer team has a proven track record in the development and power sales of solar energy projects now operating across North America.


While we appreciate that solar tends to have fewer viewshed and noise concerns than wind, there is still a need to work with communities to responsibly site and design solar to minimize negative impacts.  Conifer has adopted what we see as the best practices put forth by both the industry and communities experienced with solar projects to guide our process.

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Conifer views storage as a valuable addition to wind and solar generation for certain customers in some energy markets.  As storage becomes ever more affordable and dynamic in capability, we are constantly evaluating its economic viability and value proposition on all of our development projects.

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