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The idea for Conifer Power Company was born in 2017, stemming from two experienced industry executives questioning how to address the ever-increasing challenges of building more renewable power in the US:  environmental impacts, transmission constraints, community concerns, evolving equipment technologies and inconsistent federal policies.  In 2019, after more than a year of reevaluating these challenges by discussing with stakeholders on every side of the renewable energy industry, Conifer Power Company began operations. 


Conifer's focus is the development of new renewable energy projects. Our primary work to date has been to deliver responsibly developed wind and solar projects for strategic investors interested in gaining access into the domestic renewable market.  The approach has been to match investors to assets that fit their desired investment criteria, almost exclusively with greenfield development opportunities.  All of our investors benefit from the collective strength of the entire Conifer Power team, even though there is little cross pollination of investment capital across assets.


As a natural corollary to this work, we have also assisted clients in various specific limited scope development activities as well as helped locate and diligence potential acquisition targets.





Founder and Principal

David Boyce brings over 20 years of power generation experience with 15 years in renewables.  He founded Conifer Power after serving as CEO of Wind Capital Group, a successful mid-tier developer of wind generation projects focused in the Midwest and Southeastern US.  Prior to that, David has held senior positions at Airtricity/E.ON Climate & Renewables, CoBank, and SkyGen.  Mr. Boyce holds degrees in Finance and Accounting from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Founder and Principal

Robert Bergstrom has more than 34 years of power industry experience, with 20 years of that in renewable project development.  He is directly responsible for thousands of megawatts of successful development across the US working in senior positions at NextEra, Babcock & Brown and Wind Capital Group.  Led teams responsible for the first wind projects in North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Puerto Rico.  Mr. Bergstrom holds a bachelors degree from Mount Mercy College and a JD from Drake University Law School.

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